Saturday, October 16, 2010

I'll be leave you all see you in the morning with the stallion on for the god show i hope. ♫
trying again ♫
I want to replay an half of double shot from wensday with dj nitro sweet ellie ,and here's coin opperated boy ♫
THX @22Crystal22: "@rosevictor: "Here's some Barracuda by Heart for you all and it's on the house:) #classics #... ♫
listening to "ELO - Evil Woman" ♫
listening to "The Bangles - Manic Monday on Mario Paint Composer" ♫
listening to "Bangles -- Manic Monday" ♫
listening to "Boss Battle: Zombies Ate my Neighbors Music" ♫
listening to "Kirby Super Star - Opening Remix ~Magical Tour~" ♫
listening to "Crazy on you - Heart" ♫

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