Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dear Everyone,

Hello reader as I bring u this it is important you read this ,so you are for in the know.

This is almost the end of the month ,so here’s my predictions ,for the next two months.

November 2011

Frist, my 1st prediction is that I pass all of my class in the next month and I try to not to fail but I do I will try to come in and make it up.

Next, is try to put +1 buttons on here IF wildblue ,my ISP, will let me. Also to put Amazon Associates store link somewhere convent.

December 2011

FInally is to get the latest kirby game for wiki. Also to have an great Christmas. I need to arrive the blog to for 2011. 

Well that’s it if anything pops up I  will let you all know.

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