Sunday, April 6, 2014

I favorited this video on youtube. KONGOS - Escape - Official...

I favorited this video on youtube. KONGOS - Escape - Official Music Video by KONGOS Description: KONGOS - Escape - Official Music Video Produced and directed by KONGOS Starring: Michael Rodokanakis and Rachel Genevieve Camera: Daniel Kongos Edited by Jesse and Daniel Kongos Featuring: Stuart Buchanan and Danya Philander Additional camera: Rachel Genevieve and Jesse Kongos Special thanks to John and Shelley Kongos, the Rodokanakis Family and Manny Correia The 3rd single from the new album “Lunatic” available at Musica, Look & Listen and in South Africa. Escape by Jesse Kongos Every few thousand years Come true man’s greatest fears All the living things Mother nature brings to tears When the bombs are bursting in the air (And) the rockets are making that red glare I’m heading down Down to that good hope town Where the weather’s fair So why don’t you come away With me my love We’ll do what it takes I’ll keep you safe Why don’t you stay by me (And) when the time comes We’ll escape When the big one finally hits LA When Yellowstone has it’s day We’re heading to the the Southern tip On a plane or on a ship We’ll do what it takes we’ll find a way And if that cloud forms up above No sign anywhere of a dove There’ll be no reason left to stay We’ll try and live another day In a place where there’s still love

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