Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Supergurls Prolog and chapter 1

If you where a being of magical power what whould you be.That will be the case for 5 pairs of girls. They are called supergurls. I'm the gardain of there power. I'm robin the blue bird gardain of the super beings or things creatures powers called being transformations. That will transform anyone to a creature desires, but it must  be a creature their heart desires. Now to the first set of girls said robin.

Chapter 1 : Linda and Rosey

Alarm clock rings ,and a hand slams on top of the alarm clock.Good morning , Linda said Rosey morning said linda. Their mother screams Rosey Linda Get up it's 20 mins intill the school starts! The girls rush to get there clothes on and ran down stairs. Their momther says why are you leaveing without breakfast. Rosey chimed in saying where getting breakfast at school.However, in the way to school they saw a Mystorious Object

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