Thursday, March 20, 2014

I favorited this video on youtube. Reviewing: Day Of The Doctor...

I favorited this video on youtube. Reviewing: Day Of The Doctor by Camgoespony Description: It finally happened. Too many analysts got together in one place and the rift energy ripped a hole in space. Now the youtube-verse is disintegrating and everyone’s channels are collapsing. Can our band of Whovians prevent the destruction of the universe? Or will they just make the problem worse as they rant and rave, agree and disagree, discuss and bicker over the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary? This video was a massive effort for every single person involved. And I am eternally thankful for their participation and patience when it comes to my horribly slow editing schedule. But at long last, I am proud to present one of the largest collabs ever organized in the analysis community (And it’s not even about ponies). BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE TO EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE GREAT PEOPLE! Buc Brony: Jim Fear: Treble Notes: The Music Reborn: ToonKriticY2K: Gibbontake: Voice Of Reason: AnY: BronyDev: Eliyora: Robin0928: AMaleAlicorn: And if you came here through one of their channels, then hello there! Thank you for not closing the video immediately at the sight of my ridiculous OC. Social Links! ========== Twitter: Tumblr: Intro/Outro Music: It’s just the regular old Doctor Who Theme (5th Doctor era)

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