Saturday, June 16, 2012

Why ad's

Dear Reader,
You might want to know that I have started using Google Ad Sense to put them on my blog. Why ads is because I need to make some money ,and why not with my blog ,but I understand that some advertisers are unrelated and do not relate to the blog. If you find an ad on this blog inappropriate ,for your viewing. Do not retaliate and report them to me ASAP,As Soon As Possible,to please state the advertisers name and URL. Then, I will block them from showing up below and on the right sidebar. Also these ads range from text ads to picture and even video ones ,so please report any "video"  ad that slows you down to the e-mail listed earlier in the post ,and I will get around to it. Well now I'll be setting the ad thing up for the main blog. However, feed readers you have already seen those ads please if you find an inappropriate ad please e-mail me ok.
Goodbye for now,
rosevictor(Victor Lee Squire)

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