Thursday, June 23, 2011

Testing Latest Version of Windows Live Writer

I’m testing the latest Version of Windows Live Write ability to post on blogger

Frist I’m going to try code.

A YouTube Video

This Is an video from chuggaconroy’s Pikmin 2 LP on youtube.

Second I’m going to use photos

Frist, I’m going to try importing photos via my computer.

Well this is an pic of my little sis Marie Ellen and it’s looks great on here but I have to tell you that if you put pics on this thing it’s hard to go though at times.

Marrie Elen 001

You’ll Start to notice that this thing gets annoying fast even with the video above the program froze on me and I’m glad this thing AutoSaves or I’ll be a grumpy person. There’s A solution to this problem but when I start my how to posts on this I’ll tell you more. 


Finally how does this thing do with colors

Well I’ll use these 3 colors black, green and red only for this test.
Black Regular Arial FT. 10
Black Bold Arial Ft.10
Green Regular  ft 10
Green Bold Ft 10
Red Regular Ft. 10
Red Bold Ft. 10

Well I hope you guys go on your day and hope you enjoy your summers like me.

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