Sunday, December 19, 2010

my favorite vids of 2010

Well this year I decided to make a youtube playlist of some of my favorites music videos of 2010, so here i go.
Please the videos used are from there official youtube i mean VEVO accounts thoese are the ones that have artist with vevo at the end. Also If you like the song I'll post an link to Amazon to download for yourself.
You can find the playlist on youtube at

Well first Artist up is Katy Pary with 3 videos on my list. The First one is Firework I love the whole song and the music video. My second one for ms. Katy Pary is teenage dream . Well my final one from katy parry is California Gurl  Ft Snoop Dog .
The next artist is Justin Bebier with Ennie meanie and Somebody to love remix version in the playlist. Note original download  and remix download are included in this post.
If , you're the girl that has written songs Modona. Then, you must be lady gaga. I liked Alejandro and Telephone by ms. Lady Gaga and i'm a big fan of hers too.
Also Songs that made the list the black eyed peas - the dirty bit and Milley Cirrus's Can't be tamed !
The next artist is Rhianna with (only girl) in the world and what's my name. Also love the way you lie.
I think I've been writting for too long intill next post this is rosevictor and keep it cool.
songs not mentions but there downloads
Your Love Is My Drug
Take It Off

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