Saturday, November 27, 2010

listening to "White Wedding - Billy Idol" ♫
@mark_till: "Hey Little Sister... @Sinaminika White Wedding - Murderdolls" ♫
listening to "White Wedding - Billy Idol" ♫
Classic Jackson 5 and Christmas music ♫
oh ♫
12 days of christmas chipmunks version ♫
listening to "We Need A Little Christmas By Johnny Mathis" ♫
Here's wham and Last Christmas ♫
Cheech and Chong christmas version #winter #classics ♫
Here's a lesson of not believing in santa. ♫
listening to "Christmas At Ground Zero - Weird Al Yankovic" ♫
An classic with a Oldie but goodie ad for _____ nut brand . You'll have to listen to figure it out. ♫
listening to "The Twelve Gifts of Christmas - Allan Sherman" ♫
listening to "Britney Spears - Toxic Lyrics" ♫
listening to "Toxic - Brittany Spears" ♫
listening to "Not myself tonight - Christina Aguilera" ♫
listening to "Not Myself Tonight - Christina aguilera" ♫
listening to "Wiley - Wearing My Rolex" ♫
listening to "Big In Japan - Alphaville Official Video HD" ♫
I wonder if this song is big in japan in the time. ♫

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