Friday, November 12, 2010

if your senseing the theme is going to be arround yoshi ♫
listening to "Super Mario RPG Music: Seaside Town" ♫
Oh the path yo'ster island ♫
listening to "Super Mario RPG - Forest Maze Song Rawest" ♫
Well Lot of gamers don't like to admit they own yoshi's story but I did ;) ♫

shared in google rea

shared in google rea Tina Fey collects US comedy award: Shared by Victor I agree with this she is the funnye...

shared in google rea

shared in google rea Google turns off GMail data feed: Shared by Victor From myspace vs. facebook to Faceboo...
Tina Fey collects US comedy award

school has started s

school has started see u all in the downlow or read my google reader shareings.

a cool thing that lo

a cool thing that local bands are doing with valley metro at

says good morning al

says good morning all is it cold here in phoenix RN is 48

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