Saturday, March 12, 2011

MY drawings

Hey guys before spring break at school i did a little doodleing let's say and now I want to share them all with you. So take a look for yourself hopefullly below.
Well this first one I made for easter with the bunny and the candy oh so I want candy anyway moving on to the next photo.
This one I didn't ink in ,but it is a bunny with a carrot.  The carrot is the thing that looks with the tree u see.
Now I did this one for st. Patrick's day coming up.  
Which will you choose Pokemon black or white huh 
Well she's Kaylee the star jester. She the jester of the stars that serve queen and king stars in Galaxies far far away.  

Lastly my mark up of super Mario bros with Super Silvia. 
In Section 1 is Normal/baby Silvia, and in section 2  is Big Silvia. Next in section 3, is fire Silvia , and in section 4 is Ice Silvia. She's ice from head to toe. In Section 5 is chicken Silvia which is her cape or leaf like Mario has. In section 6 is ninja Silvia, you don't want to be seen when ninja Silvia is around. Lastly, in section 7 is bunny Silvia. She can jump very high when she's a bunny and dig into the ground as well.
That's it for now more pictures to come soon later readers.   

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