Friday, January 21, 2011

Supergurls Chapter 2


Chapter 2: The mystery object

We wellcome you back to supergirls. Last we met rosey and linda and they ran into a mystery object, so lets get into with supergurls. "However, in the way to school they saw a mystorious object." Linda, what was that said rosey. I don't know rosey let's follow it said Linda. The Girls followed the thing. No don't follow me said???? ! Why asked the girls . Well since you ask I'll tell you. I'm robin the blue bird garduain said robin. What do you do said rosey? I'm a garduain of the supergirls ,and I wasselected to find 10 pairs ,sets,of girls said robin. What does the supergirls do asked linda. Supergirls can transform into a creature they want, but it must be a heart desires said robin! Can we become supergirls asked linda and rosey? Yes you can ,so come to the sg relm replied robin. Because I fell this is too long so i'll stop here intill next chapter robin and rosevictor will be waitingn for you.

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