Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I was thinking rolling my song of the day post and announcement...

I was thinking rolling my song of the day post and announcement post in one.

Song: Saved by zero

artist: The fixx

Reason: The reson i put the song up because it is weird and nice to hear.

Ok it’s time for the anouncement

The big announcement

That this blog will be re-posting on my other blog on Rosevictor’s weblog via iftt ,if this tthen that, , but how. Well let me give you an example. If I on tumblr post then it will post on blogger and that will triger my other recipe ,that what they call there micros,.Which will post any new post on my bloggerto the rosevictor’s weblog facebook page.

If you like it then go to http://ifttt.com

All media used was to entertain the reader and in noway to infringe copyrights of any kind.

via Tumblr http://rosevictor.tumblr.com/post/56875756443

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