Monday, August 19, 2013

I favorited this video on youtube. “Give Me Back My...

I favorited this video on youtube. “Give Me Back My Pants” Len Kagamine by LittleVampireGirl5 Description: Original song by Nidaisokusou-P PV made by Eromame-P Romaji Lyrics&Translations by Ayase From nicovideo ——————————————————— I got this video from KaitoYoiko I used their lyrics, but I did change them a little. I didn’t translate this, just added subs. My second time using Windows Movie Maker.. ——————————————————————- The original has been deleted but if it ever reappears I shall put the link here. Edit: The guy seen at the end of the video, who looks like Gary Oak, is actually the animator of this PV, Eromame-P. So it’d be like “the master” of the vocaloids in this case.

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