Thursday, August 1, 2013

Rosevictor's Chat #2

Rosevictor's chat 2: The cat and mousy#2

As we last left you the cat pounced on the mouse ,and now we conntune with the cat and mousy.

The mouse dies but this mouse is an fairy and a mouse,and fairies never die.

Cat: Good your dead

Mouse: No I am not

Cat:Why, how did you not die ?

Mouse:: I am dead but your too not cleaver to notice that i have wings.

Cat looks at the mouse's corpse and it is the mouse that reborned in front of his eyes.

Cat: well it looks like it will have to eat you.

Mousy screams no ,Because you must help me find my wand.

Cat screeches alright then.

Mouse: You see the fish i thrrew on the ground.

Cat looks at the fish

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